How to improve your Photography.

Making great shots has never been so easy with digital cameras and smart phone’s, you can see instantly what the results are going to be on a good quality digital screen, but the way to improve them is with a little bit of thought.


What does that mean?

Well if your taking a picture of an apple using a iphone then think of it this way its like taking a sheet of paper and placing an apple on to the piece of paper, now within the piece of paper place the apple to were you think it looks best?  The paper represents the screen of your phone or the view finder of your camera.

I would think most people will go straight for the centre of the piece of paper.

Now move it around will it look better to one side of the centre or at the bottom of the page?

Should the paper be Horizontal or should the paper be portrait or log ways up?

If using the Smart Phone or Camera do you zoom in/get close to the apple or further away?

Theres a few questions there all of which are up to the individual to answer this will give you how you like to take pictures this will change and develop over time.

A picture is taken in the mind and the camera is the recording device.

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