AGS Exhibition video

Here’s the final cut of the AGS Exhibition video, which was used at there very successful stand in london to inform and brand the company and what they do.

How to improve your Photography.

Making great shots has never been so easy with digital cameras and smart phone’s, you can see instantly what the results are going to be on a good quality digital screen, but the way to improve them is with a little bit of thought. Composition What does that mean? Well if your taking a picture of an apple using a iphone then think of it this way its like taking a sheet of paper and placing an apple on to the piece of paper, now within the piece of paper place the apple to were you think it looks best?  …

Camera services

Had to mention that I recently had one my camera’s serviced and had to share that had a great service from Happy Blad and especially from Geoff in Watford. Thanks Guys. Geoff is on 07950039003

Horse and Hound

Just a quick thought, I shot this cover it includes William Fox-Pitt who has won Multiple eventing titles, Joanne Eccles who has multiple European Championships to her name and Lee Pearson CBE who has won 10-paralympic golds. Shot at the HQ of the Household calvary.